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Surgery clinics

Clinics for Medical Treatment Suggested Hospitals / Clinics for Medical Treatment in India
Ayurvedagram, Banglore (An Excellent Ayurveda Health Resort in India) As you enter Ayurvedagram, it steals you away in to a whole New World of ethnic charm. Taking you back by over hundreds of years, this ethnic Ayurvedic Health Resort has been transplanted from Kerala into 12 acres of herbal garden at Bangalore, Indias Garden City. Backed by one of Indias leading Ayurvedic Institution, Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd. (KAPL), Ayurvedagram Ayurvedic Health resorts is an Ayurvedic village with resident Ayurvedic physicians, Therapists, Health Centre, Dispensary, Yoga & Meditation Centre, heritage cottages, Veg Restaurant and an ever-attentive service staff.

Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre (earlier known as Ayurgram Health Resort) is rated amongst the Top Five Spas* or Ayurvedic Health resorts (Ayurvedic resorts) in the country and provides authentic treatments in Ayurveda.

Whether you are looking for ayurvedic treatments or a weekend get-away, Ayurvedagram Ayurvedic Health Resort has a whole range of programs to suit every individuals need.

Some of the ayurvedic treatments that are in offer at Ayurvedagram are as follows;
+ Body Detoxification Ayurveda Treatment
+ Cosmetic Problems Ayurveda Treatments
+ Curing Hemiplegia
+ Curing Muscular Pain
+ Curing Neurological Disorders
+ Curing Psoriasis
+ Degenerative Disorders
+ Diabetes Treatment Diet
+ Headache Relief Treatments
+ Herbal Stream Baths
+ Hypertension Medication
+ Improve Memory Power
+ Improve Eye Sight
+ Low back Ache Treatments
+ Lumbar Spondylitis
+ Medicated Massage
+ Metabolic Disorders
+ Obesity Diet Therapies
+ Parkinson Dieses Treatments
+ Respiratory Disorder Asthma
+ Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicine
+ Sinusitis Symptoms Treatment
+ Stress Management
+ Yoga & meditation

Ayurvedic TreatmentsAyurvedic Treatments offered by Ayurvedagram, Bangalore
Modern day jet age lifestyle has had numerous effects on the human body in terms of the prolonged stress it causes, both physical as well as mental. Along with this, the present day urbanized food habits including the continuous usage of artificially prepared and preserved foods, have also contributed significantly in increasing the level of toxins in the body. Generally, the body has its own mechanism of dealing with these toxins / free radicals from time to time. Unfortunately, when these toxins are accumulated over a long period of time, they lead to various disorders such as Arthritis, Bronchitis, Cardiac ailments, etc.

New Look Laser Clinic, New Delhi (India)
New Look Laser Clinic is a Delhis No.1 specialized clinic & this is also a part of south Asias Largest chain of Laser clinic. New Look Laser Clinic has pioneered several revolutionary cosmetic Laser Surgery treatment in India in including Laser Hair Removal (1998), Laser Acne Removal (2001), Laser Skin Resurfacing (1999), Laser treatment for Psoriasis & Vitiligo (2002), Varicose wrinkles teeth bleaching. To date, more than 50 thousands patients have been treated at various Laser Clinic. New Look Laser Clinic is popularly known as " Clinic of the bollywood Stars". Because of large no. of film stars &TV personalities who have taken advantages of New Look Laser Clinic.

Ashirwad Hospital
Ashirwad Hospital was established in the year 1995 with the idea of creating a Cosmetic Surgical facility in an area out of town, far from its hub and pollution, yet within straight and easy reach of the people. The hospital is a well managed one with excellent nursing care, and, in fact, its a home away from home.

Cosmetic Surgery Centre
Through cosmetic surgery, people are changing their lives every day. They are growing. They are having special procedures done in ways never before dreamed possible.

Magic Laser Center
Laser Cure-Laser Beauty clinics center for Research in Photo Medicine & Ayurveda.

New Look Laser Clinic
New Look Laser Clinic works as Laser Hair Removal Clinic, Teeth Whitening
Clinic, treatments, Laser Acne Scar Removal Clinic, Laser Chicken Pox Scar Removal ...

Surgery clinics abroad
Cosmetica Travel - Tunisia
The leading Tunisian medical Tourism Company, we offer customised packages at attractive prices. A wide range of cosmetic surgery and other treatments are available and we have access to first-rate clinics and the leading plastic surgeons in Tunisia.

Evolution Cosmetic - Johannesburg Evolution
Cosmetic is a dynamic surgical tourism company that has been in operation since January 2001 with headquarters in Johannesburg. PerfectProfiles - Budapest, Hungary A modern cosmetic surgery clinic linked with the Health Centre of a 4 star luxury Spa hotel in Budapest, Hungary. Low cost inspection visits are offered.

Laser Cosmedics - Italy
Hair restoration, hair transplant surgery, and non-surgical cosmetic treatments at a clinic in Italy, at very competitive rates, under the care of doctors who regularly work in the UK.

Beautiful Beings - Prague
Whether you need a breast enlargement abroad, a face lift, or liposuction, this modern clinic in Prague in the Czech Republic offers affordable plastic & cosmetic surgery in Prague, with a highly qualified and experienced surgeon.

Clinic Beaucare - Brussels
The quality of surgery in Belgium is one of the best in the world because of excellent training standards coupled with the best and latest equipment.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Barcelona
Initial consultations and aftercare take place in Harley Street under the care of a General Medical Council registered surgeon. Operations are in a modern, high quality medical facility in Barcelona.

RS Cosmetic Clinic - Cairo
Egypt Offer cosmetic, general and dental surgery in well equipped and clean hospitals in Egypt at a fraction of the cost of the UK.

Cosmetic Surgery in Athens, Greece
We offer a complete spectrum of cosmetic surgery procedures for those who wish to regain a youthful appearance in a safe and private environment, with affordable excellence in plastic surgery.

German Medicine Net - Germany
German Medicine Net represents numerous German hospitals and doctors and will help you to find cosmetic surgery treatment in Germany.

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