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Soyabean use in Cosmetics

SoybeansThe by-products of Soya are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics and soap.
A good base oil for skin and hair care products giving moisturising and smoothing properties at a cost-effective price.

Soybeans -Its Products
Soybeans are a versatile crop with many uses. But before they can be used in food, feed or industrial products, soybeans must be processed. More than 95 percent of the soybeans processed by solvent-extraction plants. When arriving at the processing plant, the soybeans are checked for quality. The soybeans then are processed to extract the oil and meal. From 100 pounds of soybeans, the soybean-crushing process produces 18 pounds of soybean oil and 80 pounds of soybean meal. There are several steps in the soybean-crushing process: Dehulling: First, the soybeans are cracked and the hull is removed.

Soaking: The soybeans then are flaked in special machines and moved to towers or tanks where they are soaked in a chemical solution. This solvent removes about 99 percent of the pure, crude soybean oil from the flake.

Refining: The crude soybean oil may be refined further depending on how it is to be used. In the refining process, crude oil can be degummed, bleached, deodorized or hydrogenated with hydrogen gas. In "degumming," the fatty acid content of the oil is neutralized with a caustic acid to produce some products (like soap). The oil also may be "bleached" by treating it with an absorbent clay material before it is "deodorized" through a vacuum steam-distillation process.

Toasting and Grinding: After the oil is removed, the soybean flake then is cleaned, toasted and ground to improve its nutritional value. This produces the soybean meal, which consists of 48 percent protein.

Soybean oil also is used in such industrial products as: | printing inks | cosmetics| linoleum | vinyl plastics | paints| caulking| compounds pesticides| epoxy| glue | protective| coatings| yeast |soaps, shampoos and detergents| rubber.

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