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Alpha Hydroxy Acids ProdctsThe most important precaution you can take with alpha hydroxy acids is to know the percent and pH level of the product. Anything with an acid percentage of 10% should be prescribed or administered by a dermatologist. Also, the pH level should be no less than 3, and the more acid in a product, the higher the pH should be. All of Nucelles skin care products have safe acid and pH levels, the amount depending on which product it is in. Even at lower levels, though, some alpha hydroxy acids can be irritating, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Mandelic acid is the recomended AHA for those with sensitive skin, since it is non-irritating. Also, darker skin types should avoid most alpha hydroxy acids, due to the risk of hyperpigmentation. The only alpha hydroxy acid that has been tested safely on darker skin types, such as asian, mediterenean, and black skins is mandelic acid.

Another situation you should avoid is buying any skin creams or cosmetics from unknown companies that offer a P.O. Box number, but not a street address. A P.O. box is a sign of a fly-by-night operation that can be based anywhere in the world and will be difficult, if not impossible to locate if you have trouble.

Despite popular belief, there has been no proof that alpha hydroxy acids increase sun sensitivity, but a sunblock of SPF 15 is recommended to help prevent further sun-related damage. In fact, research has suggested that alpha hydroxy acids actually improve the skins barrier functions (its ability to keep out unwanted substances, such as dirt and pollutants).
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