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Hypoallergenic SunscreenThere are no clear-cut standards for hypoallergenic cosmetic products. Such products are usually meant to refer to those cosmetics that have much lesser chances of producing allergies. It is noticed that fragrances and preservatives used in cosmetics are the common causes for cosmetic allergies. Preservatives such as methyl and propyl and butyl are used in hair grooming aids and nail creams and shampoos. Lanolin, extracted from sheep wool and used in many moisturizers and cosmetics is a potential allergen. Not all-natural ingredients are hypoallergenic. Sometimes, an allergy to certain plants and animals can lead to allergic reactions when such cosmetics are used. You can find hypoallergenic soaps made by reputed manufacturers. Some come packed with the goodness of aloe Vera or sheer butter.

Hypoallergenic sunscreen is usually fragrance free and PABA free. Many manufacturers use the hypoallergenic description to promote cosmetic products, sans any real value to the user. Before buying a hypoallergenic cosmetic like soap, shampoo or sunscreen, do a patch test on your skin to confirm that it is truly allergy-free for you. Non-comedogenic sunscreens will not block pores and aggravate sensitive skin. You can choose cleansers and face moisturizers that are formulated with fatty acids that form a protective layer on the skin thereby reducing chances of irritation. Hypoallergenic sunscreens are ideal for delicate skin of children too. But those with sensitive skin must bear in mind that some hypoallergenic cosmetics can irritate the skin. New cosmetics or shampoos and soaps must first be tried on a small area of skin for any possible allergic reaction. You can develop an allergy to a cosmetic that you have been using for years.

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