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Long lasting cosmetics

Maintaining cosmeticsMaintaining cosmetics is the most important thing. Today if a person goes to buy cosmetics in the market one can find that the market is very large and so is the competition. Cosmetics need to be kept in a proper condition . One needs to know how to maintain ones thing with reliability, which is persay, a common mans ideology. Cosmetics do last depending on how the person takes care of them . Unused cosmetics for years may not come to any use and it  would be good if they are disposed at their earliest . Some cosmetics though they have a good quality they have certain validity which is specified on the label . While buying the stuff one should remember that  the product is not an old one . A fresh item lasts longer and the validity would also be longer compared to other cheap cosmetics. Sincerely speaking as an example as a humanbeing grows older and as he becomes more aged his energy and stamina also would start loosing to a great extent .Here we are trying to say that ones the cosmetics validity starts loosing its validity than they might not last longer. Sometimes may be the chemicals that are used in making cosmetics can also determine the lasting quality of these cosmetics.

You may not be able to use eye make-up, such as mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow for as long as other products. This is because of the risk of eye infection. Some experts recommend replacing mascara three months after purchase. If mascara becomes dry, throw it away. Dont add water or, even worse, saliva to moisten it. That will bring bacteria into the product. You may also need to watch certain "all natural" products that contain substances taken from plants. These products may be more at risk for bacteria. Since these products contain no preservatives or have non-traditional ones, your risk of infection may be greater.

If you dont store these products as directed, they may expire before the expiration date. For example, cosmetics stored in high heat may go bad faster than the expiration date. On the other hand, products stored the way they should be can be safely used until they expire.

Wedding makeup should also  be tested 2 weeks before the wedding to leave time to make any adjustments. Give your finished makeup a few minutes to set, then mist your face with water from a spray bottle. The spray will simulate tears and give you a good idea of how your makeup will hold up to a good cry. To avoid any hassles and aggravate further problems during wedding one needs to be well prepared to come up with instant solutions. A backup of other handy cosmetics if it is there with you  than there is no reason why one needs to actually worry at any cost.

How long to keep makeup:
Although not all makeup comes with an expiration date, that doesnt mean you should keep it forever. In general, cosmetic products last between 1 to 3 years, provided that they are not exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight for an extended period of time. Use these guidelines to decide whether to keep your makeup or dump it:

Foundation: Do not keep liquid foundations longer than 6 months.
Powder foundations can be kept for 6-12 months.
Blush: 6 months
Eye Shadow: 12-14 months
Mascara: 4 weeks
Eye Pencils/Lip Liner: 6 months
Lipstick: 3 months

Make sure to keep your makeup clean, stored away properly when not in use, and kept in a moderate temperature range away from extreme cold and heat. Following these simple rules will help to keep your makeup bacteria-free and help it to last for its maximum time.

All cosmetics last depending upon their validity. Actually every cosmetic has their required validity and accordingly they need to be used. Sometimes it is better to consult your beautician before using any cosmetic because it depends on the skin type. Like say, certain cosmetics may not suit dry, oily or T-zone skin types.

A Factual guide to cosmetic expiry dates

Expiry date: 2 months after opening, 1 year if unopened.
Try to wash the wand once a week. Make sure its dried properly before replacing. Keep the old wand when buying new mascara of the same brand, so you can rotate use between the two wands. Old mascaras become dry and clumpy. Eye infections such as conjunctivitis can be caused by contaminated mascara.

Expiry date: 6 months after opening, 1 year if unopened.
Always apply foundation with a clean sponge or applicator. Dont use your fingers! Expired foundation can cause bacterial contamination and uneven application. Throw them out if you notice the contents have separated, or a change in colour or odour.

Eye Shadows
Expiry date: 1 year after opening, 2 years if unopened.
Be careful with eye shadows as contaminated eye make-up can cause eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Use a clean cotton bud or eye shadow brush rather than the applicator.

Face & Body Cream & Cleansers
Expiry date: Follow manufacturer instructions.
Choose pumps and tubes rather than jars when you buy these products. This way the possibility of contamination can be reduced. Dont use them if you notice any change in colour, consistency or smell. Contaminated creams and cleansers can cause rashes or irritation.

Expiry date: Follow manufacturers instructions.
Once expired, active ingredients are no longer useful. Keep masks in a cool place - avoid areas such as a sunny window ledge. Discard if you notice a change in consistency.

Self Tanning lotions
Expiry date: Follow manufacturers instructions.
Discontinue use if your tanning lotions turn a pale orange colour. Expired lotions may cause skin irritation and rashes. Also avoid storing them in places that experience extremes of temperature.

Expiry date: 18 months after opening.
A change in consistency or mould forming tells you your lipstick belongs in the rubbish bin not your make-up kit. Apply with a lip brush and wash the brush once a week. Keep them in a cool place.

Sunscreens usually post use-by dates on the product. If possible buy pumps and tubes to avoid contamination. There is a decrease in SPF if the sunscreen is past its expiry. Even before the use-by date, if you notice any change in odour, colour or textures discard it.

A guide to how long permanent cosmetics last
Everyones skin holds pigment differently. Usually permanent cosmetics last 7-10 years before a touchup is needed. There are other factors such as medication and sun exposure, which also contributes to loss of pigment. When you need a touchup it is at a fraction of the cost of the original procedure. Taking care of your permanent makeup with sunscreen will help to retain color. After initial application heals, you may require a touch-up which is done free of charge.

Lipsticks last longer...IF
Matte lipsticks
last longer but feel drier, so bear in mind that a shiny lip colour is more likely to slide off than one with a flatter finish. But many long lasting lip colours now come with a separate shiny topcoat, giving you the best of both worlds.

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