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Facial Surgery
Facial SurgeryFace, Neck and Brow Lift
If you are unhappy with the wrinkles on your face, with the shape of your nose, lips or ears, or you have moles or cysts that you want to remove then facial cosmetic surgery could be the answer you need to rejuvenate your appearance. It wont change your life - but it could give you a psychological uplift by boosting your confidence and leave you looking and feeling happier. If you have loose neck skin and a general saggy appearance to the skin on your face and neck then you may be a suitable patient for a face, neck or brow lift. If you have wrinkles that you are not happy with - it is likely that non-surgical procedures could benefit you instead or as a complement to surgery. Asuitable treatment may be identified after examining the face. A face-lift can help rejuvenate the lower face and give a younger, healthier appearance. The procedure involves incisions in the natural crease lines in front and behind the ears that will leave no obvious scarring. The surgeon aims to retract the skin and its underlying tissue to create a smoother, more defined contour for your neck, jawline or brow. Your skin will continue to age even though you have had a face-lift. The surgery can however, set back the age you appear quite dramatically. Your surgeon will explain what outcome you should realistically expect. Incisions cab be made in your natural crease lines and any visible scarring will fade over time to become virtually undetectable. A combination of facial surgery and non-surgical procedures may be suitable. In addition, patients frequently opt for eye rejuvenation surgery at the same time as a face, brow or neck lift.
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