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The East & West of Makeup

Today beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and beauty should be a part of ones personality rather than imitating an idol or some personality. So lets take a look at the east and west of the makeup and lets find out the comparative differences between the east and the west.

Madhuri Dixit HAVE YOU ever imagined Madhuri Dixit getting a makeover done so as to look as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe? Would Naomi Campbell want a few strokes to make her look like Claudia Schiffer? Not quite a valid suggestion! Beauty is possibly the last word that can be given an objective definition. When it comes to beauty and its appreciation, subjectivity rules. It is no wonder then that the yardstick which would have made Hollywood rage Marilyn Monroe look striking with a coat of makeup would not have worked entirely on the petite Madhuri Dixit, whose smile conquers a million hearts in the Subcontinent. For a makeup artist, the brushes are the same as are the cosmetics and the brands she uses on her clients. Then what is it that makes one look different from the other? The differences lie mainly at two primary levels. First, anatomical similarities are balanced by dissimilarities in perceptions. A traditional Oriental beauty would be identified by a gorgeous face-cut, big and deep eyes while a Western beauty would primarily be rated on the basis of body fitness, skin texture and hair style. While an Indian or a Pakistani woman would devote their time to either grooming or concealing their skin with natural or cosmetic agents, the blonde would opt for a workout.

While outdoors, a Westerner relies heavily on a sunblock cream or lotion because she loves to sunbathe and doesnt tan as quickly as an Indian would. The Indian beauty is more prone to a suntan. So, she is likely to keep away from sunbaths but she is also less likely to opt for a sunblock. A young blonde teenager -- beginning to realize the need to look beautiful -- would just go for a black, brown or even a clear mascara and leave it at that. While the mascara emphasizes the eyes and helps to bring them out, the absence of any other major cosmetic substance preserves the natural look. In the Indian scenario, preferences are different -- a teenager would begin her quest with a dark coloured lip pencil -- a shade of brown, red or pink, perhaps and a similar coloured lipstick. Even the application process has marked distinguishing features on both sides of the globe. The westerners apply mascara in not more than one or two strokes. Despite having big lashes, Indians or Pakistanis would persist in overlapping multiple strokes of mascara till they have cloggy lashes. They use darker shades of eyeshadows, at times matte and shimmery in texture, depending on the occasion. With blonde hair, fair skin and chilly weather, a natural blush would be part of a womans face in the West. That leaves yet another element less in the makeover of a Western woman. The latest colour palettes offer beautiful colours for blushers, which go alongside the lipstick used. For a traditional Indian face, all the colour possibilities are put to good use. Hair colour, formation and length also determine how a woman looks after a makeover. With black hair that falls to the shoulder or even upto the waist, dark pastel shades -- crθme lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners and so on -- help create a new personality out of the Indian woman, far removed from what she looks without her makeup. Perceptions of a makeup artist may be based on preferences of individual clients and general observations, but the one factor that shapes the preferences themselves are deep-rooted social beliefs, customs and traditions. While conservatism and liberalism may not have a direct bearing on makeovers, perceptions of beauty do depend on social yardsticks and cultural traditions, albeit in an indirect way. So, the endless debate can continue but an easy way to draw a conclusion would be to let beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder.

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