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Cosmetics manufacturing
Cosmetics IndustryIn the fast-paced and ultracompetitive cosmetics industry, the right color, special effects and functionality can mean the difference between success and failure. Engelhard technologists and market specialists understand this dynamic and are dedicated to helping customers create new and innovative looks and textures for their products. For example, Engelhard effect-enhancing pigments enhance the appearance, performance and value of a wide variety of cosmetic products, including lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes, eyeshadows and blushes. Specifically, these high-performance pigments impart a range of special effects from a soft satin luster to dramatic sparkle, and add subtle dimension and nuance to matte-type products. Our performance personal care materials impart a range of important benefits to cosmetics. These range from providing sun protection and anti-wrinkling power in skin products to providing antimicrobial protection in a wide range of cosmetics. Click here to see full product descriptions. We also offer expert services to assist cosmetic manufacturers in the development and testing of innovative and efficacious products. We provide example formulations to assist in the use of our products. Engelhards effect enhancing pigment line includes mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide and/or many other colorants, bismuth oxychloride crystals, natural pearl essence derived from fish scales and titanium dioxide and/or colorant-coated borosilicate. Some product lines include Reflecks™ pigments and colors, which add brilliant star-like glittter and shimmer: Flamenco® pearlescent and iridescent pigments, which provide a range of effects, textures and opalescent colors; Duocrome® iridescent colors for dual-color effects; Cloisonne® colors, which give lustrous and rich color effects; Pearl-Glo® bismuth oxychloride pigments; and many others. Engelhard Actysse™ BG performance actives can impart a new breadth of benefits to cosmetics. And, our performance minerals also are used extensively in cosmetic manufacturing. Products such as Coslin® specialty performance kaolins are used throughout the industry to enhance oil and moisture absorption, skin adhesion and compressability. Other performance minerals such as mica and treated mica provide other benefits to a wide range of formulations. With such a diverse and technically advanced product range, Engelhard is clearly well positioned to help customers stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing Engelhard technology, customers get products that feel better, look better and work better. And when customers want to create totally new and innovative products and bring them to market fast, Engelhard is the only partner they need.
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