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Acne Through cosmetics

Skin Care Some skin and hair care products can cause acne. To help prevent and control acne flare-ups, take good care of your skin. For example, use a mild soap or cleanser to gently wash your face twice a day. Choose "non-comedogenic" make-up and hair care products. This means that they dont close up the pores. There are certain cosmetics which do not suit certain skin types. Some skin types are prone to many types of skin problems because they may be sensitive . Dust , can also cause skin problems. Some people go to different beauticians . Some cosmetics may have chemicals that may be the sole reason for the cause of acne. Even using unknown creams, gels, lotions, moisturisers, cold creams, ointments may have those properties, which are the cause of acne. Skin specialists ands other experts in cosmetics suggest that one should use those cosmetics which have are of good quality though not branded but known cosmetics. But one should avoid using products that may not give out positive results. For example, if you are using creams and shampoos that are not meant for your skin types than that may cause problems, which may bring results that, are insignificant. It Is better to consult a skin specialist before using any cosmetic or a beauty product.

Practically speaking, everyone has to deal with acne from time to time. Its not because we eat chocolate. Its not because we dont wash our face enough. In fact, washing too vigorously can make acne worse. The main important thing to be followed is that one should not get carried away with the advertisments shown on t.v for different cosmetics.It is the business of the advertising agencies today to advertise those products and create awareness and publicity. Today the fact is that the celebrities who endorse these products are having multiple skin problems just because they constantly wear make up to look good on screen and than they undergo surgeries and beauty treatments which may be beneficial to some but may cause problems that can create an imbalance in terms of skin being not in that state in which it used to be earlier. We can ultimately say that what looks good from outside may have a lot many loopholes and defects. Naturally a rose may have good effects but a cream prepared out of rose extracts may not be good and that may not have any specifically effective when used on the skin. So there are cosmetics that cause acne but one cannot completely blame cosmetics because even eating oily food can cause acne. Therefore to prevent oneself from being a culprit from one should use the right type of cosmetics and right type of food.

Let first find out what causes acne:
Acne is caused from imbalances and impurities within the body, and thats why we treat the problem an internal cleansing treatment that goes right to the source and fights acne before it even begins.

Around three-quarters of all teenagers and young adults suffer from acne. However, men and women in their 30s and 40s can also suffer.

The exact cause of acne remains unclear but more is known about how the spots that are part of acne form. And there are more and more treatments to help deal with this distressing condition.

Acne is a skin condition caused by overactivity of the glands that secrete oily substances on to the skin. The blackheads and spots usually occur on the face, where the greatest number of these oil-producing "sebaceous" glands exists. The back, chest and shoulders can also be affected.

Several factors are involved in the development of acne. Central to this are the sex hormones, which are produced at puberty. The male hormone testosterone - found naturally in women as well as in men - triggers the sebaceous glands to produce more of an oily substance called sebum, making the skin more greasy. However, most acne sufferers dont have a hormone problem and their hormones are at normal levels in their blood.

When there is an excess of sebum, the area around a hair follicle and the opening through the skin - the pore - can become clogged. A bug, a bacterium called Propionobacterium acnes, which lives normally on the skin can thrive within the blocked pore. This infection causes inflammation, which is responsible for the redness and swelling of a spot. Sometimes as in severe acne, the pocket of inflammation within a pore can rupture; causing damage to the skin that can result in scarring.

Drugs such as certain steroid tablets and some beauty products that block the pores can contribute to acne. Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by eating fatty food or chocolate.

Cosmetic acneCosmetic acne: An overfriendly cousin for my tender skin: Acne Cosmetica, or acne that is caused by cosmetics, is a mild and fairly common form of acne. Because topical products rather than the complex process that creates true acne trigger it, it can strike anyone - even people who are not physiologically prone to the condition. Characterized by small, rashy pink bumps on the cheeks, chin and forehead, it typically develops over the course of a few weeks or months and may persist indefinitely. If youve recently started using a new skincare product and youre experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, discontinue use of the new product for a few days and see if your breakout subsides.

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