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Insight into Cosmetics

MaybellineA cosmetic is today a part and parcel of human nature. There are many types of cosmetics that are in use today. Cosmetics like Maybeline, LOreal, Chambor, Elle, are world class cosmetics. These cosmetics have a brand name attached to it. What we can say is that these cosmetics have not only quality but also has a certain status and a mark of Excellency. Every women of today aspires to yearn for these products which are in trend. Cosmetics like LOreal have come out with creams, lotions, moisturizers, body wash, hair colour, which are used by people world over. A competitive market has developed for such kind of cosmetics. Even people of middle class are using such type of cosmetics, which has increased the salebility value. These cosmetics not only have a Trend but they are necessities for people who regularly use them. Cosmetics not only have been the main part of any womens life but it is like a small boat sailing in the far away end of the sea. Today different types of hair colour from brands like Godrej, Lakme, Garnier, Revlon, Wella have increased the market value of the product. Coloring hair has become very common and that has resulted in becoming the need of the hour of every woman and it has given her the feeling of being herself, which is the trustworthy factor. Even many different kinds of shampoos have increased the market value of the product but that has increased the rise in giving a certain class consciousness. Today products are being made which target the youth of today. Recently ELLE 18 came out with a new product where the ELLE 18 MINIS were launched. These are nailpaints where the bottle is smaller in size. A brand like ponds has retained its position since many years. The main aim of the cosmetologists should be that they should prepare products whereby the youth of today can make the most use of it. Today international beauty brands like LOreal have their offices allover India. Recently MAC has been launched in ShoppersStop. They have cosmetics like lipsticks, perfumes, different creams, lotions, nailpaints, and other beauty products. LOreal hair colours have also launched their different colours like burgundy, blonde, dark mahagony, Red, etc. Competition has increased because each cosmetic company wants to achieve the status of being able to obtain recognition internationally as well to retain their customer database. Celebrities and big people from modeling and fashion fraternities are endorsing these world class beauty products and this is where direct marketing plays an important role. These celebrities have become the ambassadors for these products. Recently Shahrukh Khan endorsed the lux beauty soap.

LOrealLOreal has come out with new breakthrough by searching innovative ways of providing skin with the elements essential to its equilibrium. Preserving the skin health, preventing the chronological aging and photoaging due to UV rays, transport active compounds in situ, …so many areas of LOreal research.

Here are some examples of means employed to achieve these objectives:

Human Skin Models
LOreal Research teams have developed these three-dimensional cultures by introducing skin cell types such as keratinocytes, melanocytes and Langerhans cells. Vectorisation: from liposomes to nanocapsules, these nanometric vectors improve the efficacy of care products.

Skin imaging
LOreal has improved imaging techniques over the last 30 years to enable the study of the skin and assess the effects of care products. Confocal microscopy, ultrasonic imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are a few of the methods used by LOreal.

A Pioneer in The Field of Hair Study
For LOreal, hair is a real scientific adventure. Worldwide, its laboratories are engaged in research on the subject. Whether Caucasian, African or Asian hair, biologists are interested in the living follicle, while biophysicists and chemists are concerned by the fiber. Several generations of researchers have now gained unique scientific knowledge on hair and haircare products. Insight into how the hair is constituted has resulted in the development of: longer-lasting hair colors, biomimetic molecules such as certain ceramides which ensure hair surface cells in cohesion, softer cleansing agents in shampoos and conditioners the form of lacquer or gel. Studying the different intimate components of the hair follicle, by cultivating hair in vitro, is one of the aims of "hair biology" teams.

Hair ColorColor
Working at the cutting-edge of technology, LOreal Research is today investigating new make-up effects such as transforming colors by "trompe lœil" optic phenomena. In the field of haircolor, LOreal now uses an exclusive collection of 13,000 colorants. Nature provides a valuable inspiration for finding new pigments using biotechnology.

So here we observed how revolution took place as the facts reveal that LOreal research brought about a breakthrough by searching innovative ways of providing skin with the elements essential to its equilibrium.

Skin can be defined as the external tissue that covers the body. As the body is largest (it makes up about one twenty-fifth of an adults weight), the skin serves as a waterproof covering that helps keep out pathogens and protects against temperature extremes and sunlight. The skin also contains special nerve endings that respond to touch, pressure, heat, and cold. The skin has an outer layer, or epidermis, and a layer immediately below, called the dermis. Regarding exposure of the skin to be seen by others, or prevention of this, see nudity, nudism, modesty, clothing. Fruits such as oranges also have a skin or peel, which is often removed (peeled) before eating. In zootomy and dermatology, skin is an organ of the integumentary system; which is composed of a layer of tissues that protect underlying muscles and Skin is used for insulation, vitamin D production, sensation, and excretion (through sweat). Skins on creatures regularly subjected to sunlight have pigmentation that absorbs the potentially dangerous radiation contained therein. Human skin pigmentation varies across populations in a visually dramatic manner. This has sometimes led to the classification of people(s) on the basis of skin color. Mammalian skin often contains hairs, which in sufficient density is called fur. The hair mainly serves to augment the insulation the skin provides. On some animals the skin is very hard and thick, and can be processed to create leather. Damaged skin will try to heal by forming scar tissue, often giving rise to discoloration and depigmentation of the skin.

SkinThe skin is often known as "the largest organ in the human body": this does not only (obviously) apply with regard to surface area, but also with regard to weight, as it weighs more than any single internal organ. For the average adult Homo sapiens, it has a surface area of between 1.5-2.0 square metres. People see the skin on a persons face that person interacts with. For some people, then, facial skin care is of importance, and cosmetics are made to deal with the appearance of the persons face and condition of the skin, such as pore control and blackhead cleansing. Skin is composed of the epidermis and the dermis. Below these layers lies the hypodermis, which is not usually classified as a layer of skin. Skin can be divided in to thick and thin types. Thick skin is present on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. It has a larger stratum corneum with a higher keratin content. Thick skin does not grow hair; its purpose is to help grip. Thin skin is present on the bulk of the body and has a smaller stratum corneum and fewer papillae ridges. It has hair and is softer and more elastic.

As skin ages, it becomes thinner and more easily damaged. Intensifying this effect is the decreasing ability of skin to heal itself. Skin sagging is caused by the fall in elasticity. Skin also receives less blood flow and lowers gland activity. In medicine, the branch concerned with the skin is called dermatology.

The skin is subject to constant attack from without, and so can be afflicted by numerous ailments, such as:

  • Skin cancer
  • Rashes
  • Blisters
  • Acne
  • Fungal infections such as athletes foot
  • Microbial infections
  • Calcinosis cutis
  • Ulcer
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